Tophet Corporation

Tophet Corporation has been serving the specialty metals industry for over 20 years with a specific focus on vacuum melters. 

We are committed to sourcing and consistently delivering high quality raw materials to meet our customers' specifications.

Materials We Offer

High Purity Electrolytic Iron flake
High Purity Billet Iron
Tungsten Metal 99.9% Pure
Hafnium (Hf) Metal
Tantalum (Ta)
Low Carbon Ferro Chrome (FeCr) Vacuum Quality
Molybdenum (Mo) Metal
Nickel Magnesium (NiMg)
Nickel Boron (NiB)

Various packaging options available (varies by material):



Bars cut to size




Selected materials available for immediate shipment

Logistics services available

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Naples,  FL 34109

Tel: 239-594-5477 Fax: 239-594-1999

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